11 Best Business Ideas in Dubai with Low Investment

Are you searching for a business opportunity, but you lack necessary capital? This article aims at providing you with best business ideas in Dubai with low investment that are ideal for 2024.

Dubai is a top location for entrepreneurs due to its welcoming atmosphere and investor-friendly policies. It is an ideal place for growing business. As the economy of this city is flourishing and there is continuous growth in the tourism sector, it’s the right time to start your business in Dubai.

Whether you need to open an online business or retail store, here is something special for you. Take out pen and paper, make notes, and transform your entrepreneurial into reality.

As Dubai welcomes entrepreneurs, it has transformed many foreigners into millionaires or billionaires. There is a common misbelief that valuable investments are required to increase benefits.

Let’s move on and discuss best business ideas in Dubai with low investment.

New business ideas in Dubai with low investment

It can be a profitable experience to start your business in Dubai. As the UAE market is one of the welcoming hubs, it is favorable for entrepreneurs to introduce business ideas in Dubai with minimum investment.

Statista elaborated that between 2023 and 2028; the UAE is expected to see an increase in its real GDP of 1.1 percentage points.

The nation’s impressive growth prospects have attracted many foreign investors. Though not too complicated, there are a few considerations for anyone starting a small business in Dubai that will help you hit the ground running in your new venture.

Moreover, investing in real estate which is one of the most lucrative industries in Dubai can be another good business idea to start up with in United Arab Emirates.

Over and above this, there has been a sharp rise of 4.88 million tourists visiting the country’s tourism sector.

In comparison to 2020, it was observed that there is a massive jump (63%) with respect to business licenses issued during this year in 2021 DED sector report for the first half of 2022 reveals that there were more than forty-five thousand six hundred new commercial licenses compared to similar period last year showing an increase of twenty-five percent.

Now, below is a list of best business ideas in Dubai.


Ecommerce has developed speedily in the Pandemic. The procedure to order with just a click has gained much attention. Businessmen have the opportunity to start their e-commerce business by offering a variety of products ranging from cosmetics to heavy products.

In Dubai, the e-commerce market is as profitable as somewhere else. One of the research studies suggests that 91.9% of the population can access the Internet.

As many online businesses are growing, the main e-commerce giants manage their financial transactions in Dubai by offshore accounts. Online fashion, book, and grocery stores are popular business ideas in Dubai with low investment.

The ecommerce industry is expanding rapidly. Dubai has observed considerable improvement in its business environment. It means several clients in the UAE love shopping through the Internet.

With this outstanding growth and trend toward online business, there is an opportunity to enter the market by providing unique goods.

IT Business

So, opening your IT company in Dubai will improve your abilities and reputation globally. Developing an IT firm has become a highly promising business regarding the growth of the Internet.

The Demand for IT solutions is vast, with various businesses providing their services. IT solutions handle everything, including software development, management solutions, etc.

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Event management firm

Another business in Dubai with low investment that investors focus on is opening an Event management firm. Nowadays, Dubai-based event management firms are growing rapidly.

Dubai hosts numerous events from corporate functions to lavish weddings and cultural celebrations. It also serves as an excellent location for many foreign meetings.

Opening an event management company in Dubai can be a profitable move with little initial capital investment required. Entrepreneurs who take a creative approach and have strong organizational skills will be able to tap into the growing demand for professional event planning services within the city.

A niche can be established for themselves by aspiring entrepreneurs by providing comprehensive event management solutions ranging from venue selection, catering, entertainment and logistics making them key players in Dubai’s dynamic events industry.

Real Estate

Real estate is the best business in Dubai for beginners. Dubai accommodates a huge number of residents and expatriates who mostly invest in real estate to gain profit for the long term. The increasing number of investors shows a high demand for real estate.

You can develop your real estate business without effort and with proper consultation and market research. Real estate agencies can transform into profitable ventures in a short period.

Crypto trading

The buying and selling of digital assets is called cryptocurrency trading. Cryptocurrency trading is a profitable business. The increasing involvement of institutional investors associated with worldwide interest in cryptocurrencies makes it easy to enter this business.

Cryptocurrency involves traders who aim to take advantage of market volatility by purchasing digital assets at lower prices and selling them at higher prices. The government of UAE has introduced a cryptocurrency license.


In the past few decades, the construction industry has shown tremendous growth in Dubai. Of course, the entrepreneur will gain profit if he wants to begin a business in Dubai. Every new day in Dubai, observe new buildings and skyscrapers.

Further, Dubai is presenting new opportunities for an expert in the construction industry.

Construction companies in the UAE are predicted to grow by 3.5%. The building industry in Dubai is progressing due to its residential market, foreign investment, and population growth.


Dubai is famous for fashion and beauty. High-level cosmetics and fashion brands have set up themselves in the Dubai market. Customers find satisfaction in their shopping experiences and also getting services including fashion, tailoring, etc.

The cosmetics sector is one of the sectors where investors easily invest and gain profit. The cosmetics business is one of the top business ideas in Dubai with low investment.


Food is a basic necessity of human beings. The market projections show a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.22%. All cafeterias, coffee, juices, tea, and cold drinks outlets fall under the restaurant sector.

Due to the increase in tourism and the truth that Dubai is the second home for many international people living there. Launching a restaurant in Dubai is important and profitable.

If you are searching for business ideas in Dubai with low investment, then the food or restaurant business is a good choice.

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Gold Trading

For entrepreneurs who want to enter the business world or grow their business, Dubai is a valuable metal market providing opportunities in gold trading.

The long-lasting strength of UAE’s gold trading industry has attracted attention worldwide. Gold trading with valuable metals and jewelry plays an important role in the UAE’s economy.

It contributes 20% of the country’s entire non-oil export income. If you are interested in setting up your own gold business, contact our expert at Nam Corporate.

Cleaning Services

One of the cleverest entrepreneurial decisions you will make is setting up a cleaning services company. Establishing a cleaning service company requires low investment and doesn’t require any special training or pieces of equipment.

The procedure for establishing a cleaning services business in Dubai requires maintaining local rules and ordinances.

Health Sector

Businessmen can examine new business ideas in Dubai with low investment by providing an easily accessible gateway to the market.

Dubai is popular for its luxurious lifestyle and forward-thinking approach. Dubai has maintained its position as a top health sector in the region. It provides different medical facilities and therapies and maintains high-quality standards in its health care center.


The above-mentioned are a few new business ideas in Dubai with low investment. You can turn your small business into a huge one with dedication and commitment.

These are some great low-cost business ideas in Dubai. It takes dedication and hard work to grow your small company into a large one within few years or even months. The business environment in Dubai supports this and you may capitalize on it.

Are there any doubts about setting up a business in Dubai? Do you need any assistance or help with company formation in Dubai or any other Emirate in UAE?

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