ALL You Need to Know About Trade License UAE

Understanding UAE Trade License

If you want to know about the trade license UAE, then you are at the right place. In 2022, a huge development can be seen in the economy of UAE, with business above 1 trillion and re-exports above 3 trillion.

The Dubai economic agenda is at the top of the list. Its goal is to double the financial development of Dubai in the coming ten years. It will provide several reasons for businessmen to transfer here.

UAE is a renowned country for its nights, economy, and assets. Keep reading this article if you want to know how to achieve a trade license in the UAE. Several businessmen are trying to open their company in the UAE. They mostly choose Dubai for their operations. Over 55000 entirely new trade licenses were given in the previous year.

For begin their trade journey, businessmen apply for a trade license UAE. If you want to run a business lawfully in the UAE, particularly Dubai, then firstly, you must acquire a UAE trade license. In this blog, you will learn everything you must know about a trade license in UAE as achieving a trade license in UAE is the most important step for businessmen to start their business in UAE.

The UAE has a flexible general trade license that enables you to run a business with a wide range of products or services. If you have found any gap in the marketplace, then the general License is best for you to begin.

What is trade license in UAE?

What is a trade License in UAE?

The business license is a lawful document that tells you about what types of operations an organization can perform or is allowed to do. Dubai needs this business license to perform several UAE activities. As it is provided by “The Department of Economic Development (DED)”.

Various businesses have particular needs for getting a trade license in the UAE. You can do many activities with general business trades including importing, exporting, and many more. Dubai trade license is accessible to trades within a Dubai customs union and can be applied by the experts who give unique services to trade.

How You Can GET a trade License in UAE

The government of UAE smooths the procedure of trade license UAE to motivate foreign disbursements. If you need a Dubai trade license, then you must follow the 5 steps below: –

Choose a Trade Activity

Begin acquiring a Dubai trade license with the initial stage of choosing a trade activity. You can select several trade activities from Dubai. You can get recommendations from consultants at Nam Corporate. We will suggest the most accurate trade activity for your firm.

Select an Appropriate Business Name

Choosing an accurate business name is an important stage in developing a brand image. You must clearly explain your business name and must describe what your firm does. Do not include any disrespectful acronyms. An appropriate trade name should reflect your products or services. For ensuring lawful approval and avoiding disputes the business name needs to be unique and available.

Select Your Trade Place

Selecting your trade location is an important step in beginning your business in the UAE. Several firms select the Dubai free zone for their business just due to the 0% business rate and 100% foreign funds it provides. It means you are nearer to the airport, seaport or local retail trades that want to purchase products or services from you. We recommend you to make your free zone organization and we will provide you with the support you require to make your trade successful.

Accomplish Your Application and Give the Fee

To get your Dubai trade license, you are required to complete an application and give the required documents. Pay your required fee as it is a part of the application for UAE license trade. Fill out the required forms, give the required information, and have a smooth application experience. To complete your application procedure, you need to submit all documents properly. Timely fee payment is a chief element in the application process, as it shows your seriousness and commitment to your business

Get your License and Open Your New Business Bank Account

It takes a few days to receive a trade license in Dubai. At Free Zone, we will support you by ensuring that all your required documents meet the necessities and ignore admin errors that are not necessary. After the License is approved, the next step is to open a business bank account for receiving and making payments.

All the steps mentioned above were you must before acquiring the trade license UAE.

Kinds of business license in UAE

Kinds of Business License in UAE

There are many kinds of business licenses in Dubai, which are mentioned below.

Commercial License

In UAE, a commercial license is a lawful need for trades involved in business activities like professional services, retail, and many more. Commercial licenses in Dubai are given to those firms that have a business of goods and items. Acquiring commercial licenses in Dubai requires a thorough application procedure; businessmen have to submit their related documents. The kind of commercial License differs depending on the nature of the License.

Industrial Licenses

An industrial license is important for businessmen involved in manufacturing, production, or any industrial activity. If you need an industrial license then you must receive approval from the concerned authorities. Before proceeding toward an industrial License, you must submit the required documents. Like commercial Licenses, the types of industrial Licenses also differ depending on their nature.

Freelance License

UAE provides a freelance license. Additionally, it enables people worldwide to work as freelancers and provide services in several fields like writing, designing etc. You need to submit the required documents to get this License. Freelancers can work independently without requiring an office. Furthermore, this makes it an engaging choice for those who want to work remotely or from home.

The above-mentioned were the types of a License in Dubai. You must select the one to get a

Trade license UAE.

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Trade license cost

Trade License in UAE Price

The next important issue in this process is the cost of a general trading license in Dubai. However, your Dubai General Business License Fee will depend on your business activities and requirements. This way you can estimate how much the license may cost depending on overhead charges.

The fee for the license begins at AED 12,000. In contrast, activity fees range from AED 150 to AED 500 depending on your business type. Nevertheless, other requirements have to be considered. These include charges for activity class guides, translation of license fees and replacement licenses,s, etc.

Please note that these fees only relate to obtaining your business license and are not the complete costs associated with forming your company in Dubai. Indeed, Dubai does not have legislation establishing a national minimum wage. However, the average wage is high enough to start up a small business in Dubai and may be enough for you.

For a UAE trade license check the official website of the related Department of Economic Development.

Trade license UAE Benefits

Many companies choose to open offices or branches in the UAE because of the trade advantages it offers. Dubai trade licenses come with some benefits:


Local and International Trade Increase

With a general trading license, there are a lot of opportunities for you to manufacture or import your products. You may sell your product to Dubai’s local market or export it to other countries and make profits.

Also, a general trading license permits business owners to re-export their goods. Consequently, your company can deal in goods and services internationally more efficiently.

Enhances Credibility

Companies that follow laws have a greater chance of gaining customer confidence while others go against it for higher profit margins.  This makes the visibility of businesses where they are located better through a trade license. As such, its reputation is developed thus this enhances trustworthiness.

Tax benefits

Tax benefits

Dubai is a great place for any type of business as there are almost no trade restrictions imposed here. Additionally, under this provision, whatever is registered within the general trading license will not be subjected to restrictions.

Few Trade Restrictions

Compared to other types of licenses in UAE Dubai trading licenses are faster to acquire given that you have all the required documents. In Dubai’s mainland or free zone areas, it only takes weeks to start up an enterprise. Once you get licensed auditing reports may not be necessary anymore hence saving time and effort for future paperwork.

Simple Set-up

Compared with other business licenses in UAE, getting Dubai trade licenses usually does not take too long provided one has the right documents.  Besides, it only takes a few weeks to open any business in one of the free zones or even in mainland Dubai. One thing that makes this possible is that once you have acquired your permit you do not need auditing reports too. In this way, you will be saved from a huge paperwork burden hence giving more time and effort.

Sponsor Opportunities

Having a trade license in UAE benefits you with Sponsor Opportunities. Thus, it is simple to sponsor dependents when you have this kind of license. Consequently, it is possible to bring your employees or family members along with you to Dubai. Additionally, because of the trade license, you can assist others through the visa application process. Presently starting a new business or life in Dubai has become easier than ever before.

Documents required UAE Trade license

Documents required to get your UAE trade license

To get a UAE trade license there are several essential documents that you must prepare. These are:

  • A filled application form indicating what your business does and the products and services which will be traded
  • Copies of your passport as well as passport-size photographs
  • A copy of your resident visa (if applicable)
  • Emirates ID copy (if applicable)

Renewal of Trade License in Dubai, UAE

When you register your business in Dubai, you shall get a trade license. An annual renewal is required for this license to enable the business to have a smooth selling process within the UAE and other parts of the world without infringing on any laws.

Trade licenses renewals are managed by the Department of Economic Development in the UAE. Furthermore, your business’ Dubai trade license will help verify the legitimacy of your established company. A proper Dubai trade license renewal process ensures that you do not get fined, jailed or even banned from doing your business.

The right time to start with the renewal is some days before expiry of your current trade license, knowing application details and renewal fees. This will keep you operating legally and maintaining status quo with your firm.

How can I get a trade license in UAE instantly?

First of all, before you can carry out any business registration procedures, you will have to wait for an extended period. But there is another way to get your trade licenses faster; actually, you can get them immediately.

There are two types of instant business licenses that one can obtain from the DED which are commercial trade licenses and professional business licenses. This is only possible if your company’s operations fall under the category of the required license. Furthermore, your license will be processed within 5 minutes if this applies to you and no MOA or first rental agreement will be required.

However, this option has certain limitations that have to be taken into account. Only companies whose activities do not require external approval are eligible for this option. Such permission must come from government agencies other than the DED.

This application is submitted online through the electronic services on the DED website. If you want to do it in person, you can go to the service centers, or the smart rooms with a minimum of documents and money for a trade license UAE. Once you get it, feel free to hire employees and engage in economic activity. You must find out what is the smallest permissible working hours in UAE.

Moreover, our professional and helpful consultants can aid you in every step you make in setting up a Dubai-based trade.

When it comes to providing you with everything for business setup in Dubai, Nam Corporate is the right place for your new company.

Contact us today if you want a UAE trade license and start doing business as soon as possible!

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