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Insight into Trademark Registration Criteria in the UAE

Trademark Registration in UAE

Trademark registration in UAE helps firms secure their brand name, symbol, or logo from illegal use. It supports manufacturers in recognizing their products or services. The trademark-registration certificate of UAE is valid for up to 10 years. More extension requires additional fees.

Setting up a business in UAE or any other city requires several formalities, such as acquiring a business license, visa immigration processes, and many more. Trademark registration is a section that several entrepreneurs and business firms in the UAE do not focus on.

After investing your time and resources to brainstorming for your firm name, making logos, acquiring business licenses, further navigating a complex process of developing your business identity in the market, can you provide assurance of the security of your identity?

Are you assured that no other firm will use your brand name?

How confident are you that the firm’s credibility will remains uncompromised?

In this article, you will learn how to keep a firm’s impeccable credibility and understand the factors that contribute to the significance of trademark registration in the UAE. You will also learn why it is highly important to register your trademark.

Trademark Registration in UAE

Here we will explain a few points that signify that register a trademark is a crucial step in establishing your business in UAE.


Trademark registration gives assurance that as you have invested your resources in business, you have the right to own it. UAE trademark registration determines a brand’s credibility, and it is a cost-effective approach to safeguard the characteristics of trade ownership.

Make Easy Recognition

The brand name, logo, and firm’s signs tell emotional characteristics and complex notions regarding your business. It creates a unique reputation for businesses, which helps observers identify firms uniquely.

Copyright Security

Trademark registration office authority in UAE ensures the security of your trademark. If any other trade entity decides to select an incompatible trademark, then there will be action against it.

Additionally, acquiring a brand registration in the UAE grants the right to sue against a business that has illegally made a replica of a trademark.

Brand Image

Trademark registration in UAE boosts the firm’s brand image. The procedure of registering a brand in UAE not only adds value to a firm’s products or services but also has a constructive influence on how a brand is perceived regarding value.


Who is Eligible for Submitting a Trademark Application?

Who is Eligible for Submitting a Trademark Application?

If entrepreneurs are interested in differentiating their products or services by using a trademark, then they must register in both the UAE and in the countries where they seek to secure their products or services.

Moreover, not all individuals working in the UAE are eligible for trademark registration. As laid out in Federal law NO.37 of 1992; the following people have eligibility for registering their trademarks.

  • People employed in the economic, technical, and technological service sector are eligible. Including both natural and artificial individuals.
  • Foreigners working in the economic, technical, and technological service sector are also eligible.
  • Entities operating in the economic, technological, service, or technical sectors of another nation, including natural and artificial persons, are considered foreigners under the principle of reciprocity.
  • Other artificial persons.

The Procedure of Trademark Registration in UAE

The Procedure of Trademark Registration in UAE

Trademark registration in UAE is a well-structured procedure where the firm should prepare application forms accurately and give additional documents for officially registering brand name.

Nam corporate will effectively manage these procedures and execute the necessary steps for a firm to protect the firm’s brand assets from duplication.

A trademark procedure in the UAE has strict rules. These rules are as follows:-

1. Trademark search

The initial and most crucial step in the trademark registration procedure is ensuring that the trademark you want to use are not in use.

Business consultants who are experts in trademarking can help you out at this stage by identifying possible matches for your required trademark.

2. Submit Required Documents

In the UAE, the Ministry of Economy is handling trademark applications. It requires the submission of several documents like trademark design and either a business or UAE trade license, etc.

Notably, when submitting a document for trademarking in the UAE, it is important to furnish a complete application form containing all the details of the required trademark.

3. Payment/Submit the Fee

There is a processing fee for trademarking applications. After submitting the required documents, you must make the required payments to the authorities. Trademark registration costs are divided into various stages such as preliminary approval, publication fees, registration, etc.

4. Consent from the Ministry of Economy

The Ministry of Economy reviews the application. If they find that any trademark is in use or there is inconsistency, then the form will be rejected.

The Ministry of Economy will proceed to issue a certificate if they find no objection to trademark within the stipulated time frame. This certificate includes registration number, name of company and owner, etc

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5. Final Step or Registration

After clearing all the above-mentioned phases, you will get a certificate for trademark registration in the UAE. After you are registered, the certificate will have 10 years of validity, and to retain the certificate, you need to pay the fee again.

Fee or payment of Trademark Registration in UAE

Once you have done with your application, you have to pay the required fee for the trademark-registration process in UAE.

For register a trademark or brand applicants need to pay AED 10500. The trademark registration fee doesn’t include any legal charges.

Further, applicants can pay trademark_registration fee on the Ministry of Economy’s website. The Ministry of Economy will check your request for trademark registration in Dubai and UAE as a whole.

When you are filling out a form, you must be careful as missing or any incorrect information can lead to rejection.

Moreover, applicants can challenge or review the application if needed. The Ministry of Economy gives trademark registration approval in 30 days.

The validity of trademark registration in UAE

The validity of trademark registration in UAE

Protecting exclusive rights and legal protection is an important step in logo registration in UAE. Once you have completed the trademark registration procedure, you can have long-term validity. The trademark registration validity is for 10 years. So you have to renew your trademark after the period is ended.

It is important to note that the registered trademark will work only in the UAE. To get help with the trademark registration procedure, contact a trademark expert in namcorporate. They will handle the trademark registration process for you. They will support you to renew your trademark after the validity period of 10 years is over.

Advantages of trademark registration in UAE

Advantages of trademark registration in UAE

The trademark meaning in UAE is to uniquely identify specific goods or services and distinguish them from similar ones. Below are some of the advantages of the trademark registration procedure in UAE.

Prevent replication

Trademark registration in the UAE helps you to prevent replication in your brand’s assets. It serves as barrier against any unauthorized replica. The trademarks recognize and address any effort made to create duplicate products.

You are the owner of a registered trademark so you have the right to use it for marketing your goods or services.

Legal Protection:

Upon registering your trademark, you get legal protection against counterfeiting and infringement. Additionally, it grants you the sole ownership of your trademark within the United Arab Emirates, prohibiting unauthorized usage by third parties.

Asset Formation:

Your company and its trademark are both valuable assets. The market standing of a service is directly tied to the value of any trademark.

Trademarks facilitate expansion across industries. In addition to being able to be purchased, transferred, and registered, trademarks can also be pledged as security for a business loan.

Expansion of Business:

A registered trademark can facilitate the expansion of a business into new markets. Developing and maintaining a strong credibility and reputation facilitates the process of establishing business relationships and expanding operational activities.

Improve brand value

Trademark registration in UAE helps in protecting the brand assets. Trademark enables brands to work without any legal obstacles. Trademarks help clients to differentiate their brands from counterfeit ones.. It also helps in getting a high level of customer satisfaction. It promises to deliver high-quality products and services.

Employment of the term “Registered” in the trademark name:

The company is permitted to utilize the symbol “®” or the term “registered” once the trademark has been duly registered. Moreover, this would illustrate that particular goods and services are exclusively link to a single enterprise.

This symbol or expression use to notify an individual of one’s rights. A trademark that has been officially recorded in the registry is considered registered and cannot be used by a third party.


Trademark registration in UAE is a simple and direct process, but any error made in the application form or documents can lead to rejection.

So it is better to involve an expert business consultant who knows the trademark registration process well.

Are you interested in trademark registration in the UAE? Our knowledgeable agents can provide guidance on the registration procedure for trademarks in the UAE and offer assistance at every stage.

Contact us via email at or by telephone at +971 54 301 6436.

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