Navigating the Process:  how to get Golden Visa UAE

how to get Golden Visa UAE

Discovering how to get Golden Visa UAE involves identifying accurate investment channels, including real estate, business, or innovative endeavors and grasping the financial criteria associated with every choice.

Further, it is impossible to obtain UAE citizenship, although 80% of the population being international. But there are a few ways to legally reside and work in the UAE, such as through the Golden Visa program.

TheUAE Golden Visa is another name for a program providing two or 10-year residency Visa to investors, businessmen or required professionals.

The Golden Visa UAE is a catchy term for travellers and the global international resident community.

If you are curious about what is the Golden Visa, what are the advantages of obtaining it, how to get Golden Visa UAE, and what are the requirements; we will provide a complete and easy guide about the UAE Golden Visa.

What Is a Golden Visa UAE?

UAE is dedicated to establishing itself and offers several opportunities for international residents to grow here. It gives assurance that both residents and possible investors play an important role in developing its economy.

UAE Golden Visa is a long-term visa that is issued to investors, businessmen, outstanding students, and highly skilled professionals..

UAE Golden Visa was designed to offer the opportunity to international individuals to perform jobs or business or continue studies in UAE without a national sponsor.

Moreover, international business owners or investors have the right to possess 100% ownership of their business in the UAE. As mentioned earlier, this Visa is valid for upto 5 or 10 years, and after that, it is renewed automatically.

Its goal was to simplify the visa application procedure for those individuals who want to stay for a long time in the UAE. This Visa is valid upto 10 years.

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Golden Visa UAE Benefits

how to get Golden Visa UAE

How to get a Golden Visa UAE? This question is asked by many investors and students who want to get a Golden Visa to establish their business or study in the UAE.

UAE is known for its outstanding infrastructure and unparalleled economy. It has become a source of attraction for businessmen, investors, and people with enough wealth.

The Golden Visa UAE is identified as reputable and the leading way to get residency in this energetic and cheerful country. This unique program gives way to long-term residency for people and families who fulfill the particular criteria.

This section of the blog will discuss several benefits of the UAE Golden Visa.

Long-term and Residency

One of the major advantages of the Golden Visa UAE is that it enables visa holders to stay in UAE on a renewable visa, which lasts for 10 years.

You are eligible to renew your Visa if you fulfill the eligibility criteria, depending on the type of Visa you have applied for in starting.

The inquiry how to get Golden Visa UAE requires stay informed about modifications made to programs law, for maintaining eligibility and continuous compliance with the criteria.

No sponsor is needed

Typically, a residency visa in UAE needs sponsorship, which is offered by a firm hiring you for a work visa or a family member residing in UAE for a family visa.

However, new alterations to UAE’s visa system have launched many visa choices, including Golden Visa. These choices are self-sponsored.

Golden Visa UAE can help employees who are capable of switching jobs more easily as they are not supposed to cancel their Visa sponsored by their last employer.

Best choices for sponsor housemates

The novel visa system enables expatriates to sponsor male children up to the age of 25. If a child is a Person of Determination, expatriates can sponsor him for an indefinite period, regardless any age.

If you have a Golden Visa with 10 years of residency, you don’t need to renew your Visa for the duration of those 10 years

Also, the Golden Visa system guarantees sponsored dependents will have their visa remain valid in the event of the main holder of the Golden Visa dies,

Unique health insurance packages

The process how to get Golden Visa UAE allows individuals to get long-term residency advantages such as educational and health services.

People who have a Golden Visa have full-time employment and will get health insurance coverage from their employer.

Moreover, people living abroad should pay money for their health insurance.

The above-mentioned are some of the Golden Visa benefits.

Golden Visa requirements For 10 years Visa

how to get Golden Visa UAE

You don’t need any sponsor to apply for a golden Visa if you have invested 2 million. Golden Visa UAE requirements differ depending on selected investment categories such as real estate, business ownership, etc.


Investors who want a Golden Visa must have 10 million worth of public investment, whether in an investment fund or firm. Moreover, 60 percent of the entire investment should be restricted to just real estate.

The amount invested by investors should not be acquired through burrowing, and in the case of an asset, investors should assume entire ownership. Moreover, investors should be capable of maintaining investment for three years.

You can prolong your 10-year golden Visa to incorporate business partners, each partner providing AED 10 million. Getting a Golden Visa UAE may involve satisfying particular investment criteria depending on the selected category, such as real estate or financial investments.

The long-term residency may involve the visa holder’s family members, an executive director, and an advisor. Additionally, you have the opportunity to renew your Visa.

Senior workers, including the executive director and an advisor hired by an investor in public investment, are also eligible for Golden Visa without any sponsorship.

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UAE Golden Visa Requirements: This category has witnessed significant growth in engaging skilled people with good educational backgrounds and professional experiences in distinguished fields such as healthcare, engineering, science, etc.

According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, candidates should have authentic employment contracts and stay in first or second-level occupation.

Moreover, a bachelor’s degree or equivalent education is needed. The monthly earnings should be AED 30000 or above.


Be informed about the modifications that are made to the Golden Visa program to ensure that you are aware of how to get Golden Visa UAE.

The UAE issues a Golden Visa to every scientist with high skill, achievements, and impact on their field on the basis of the Emirates Scientists Council’s suggestions.

You must have done Ph.D. or masters from one of the reputable universities, and substantial research is required.

UAE Golden Visa Requirements for 5-Year Visa

how to get Golden Visa UAE

People having property valued at AED 2 million or above qualify for the 5-year Visa program. Retired people whose age is 55 or above don’t fulfill the criteria of an investor.

Those who are involved in business are eligible if they have AED 1 million in investments and monthly earnings of AED 15,000.

How to Apply for Golden Visa UAE

how to get Golden Visa UAE

How to Apply for Golden Visa UAE for Students

Applying for Golden Visa UAE for Students may involve determining the educational institutes that are eligible for this Visa program. Here are a few steps that tell how students can apply for a Golden Visa.

Visit ICA’s Official Website

Go to the website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship by entering the website address of ICA into your browser.

Choose Golden Visa

When you visit ICA’s website, search for a special portion known as public service. In this portion, you can find something like a Golden Visa. Click on it.

Choosing a Golden Visa will take you to a different page. On this page, you have to fill out a particular form to start the application process for a Golden Visa.

It is like providing them with all the necessary information they require to be informed about you. So, keep in mind to search the Public Services section, click on Golden Visa, and then complete the form.

Provide Important Documents and Details

Gather all important documentation and details to understand the process how to get Golden Visa UAE. The next phase in acquiring a Golden Visa is to provide some crucial papers and details on the application paper. It is very crucial to focus and perform it carefully.

Ensure to place correct details that are true and authentic. If incorrect details are provided, your application can take more time to process, and this incorrect information can lead to the rejection of your Visa.

So ensure that you have double-checked everything and that it’s all right.

Pay your service payment

After providing all required documentation and details, you need to pay for services. This fee is crucial to cover the expenses attached to your application process.

Use a secure online payment portal to pay your service payment given by ICA. You must follow the instructions they provide you to complete the payment. Ensure to maintain the record of transactions.

Wait for permission and approval

After submitting your application and paying your fee, you will have to wait for permission from authorities to proceed further. These authorities, known as the CIA, will attentively review your application and the crucial documents you have given.

During this period, it is a good practice to check your email daily or your application portal for future updates or notifications. In this way, you will not miss any crucial updates or notifications.

Accomplish the Golden Visa Processes

After you reach UAE, you can start doing the rest of the stuff to acquire a Golden Visa. You must follow the instructions and rules that ICA and the rest of the people provide you.

Once again, I am reminding you to review the eligibility criteria to learn how to get Golden Visa UAE.

How to apply for Golden Visa UAE for engineers

Examine the available investment opportunities prior to inquiring about the golden visa application process for engineers as a means to initiate your journey towards the UAE. Steps for obtaining a Golden Visa as an engineer are outlined below.

·         Acquire an employment offer.

·         get labor permit.

·         Make an application for an entry permit.

·         Perform a medical examination.

·         One step is to submit an application for a residency visa.

·         Acquisition of an Emirates identification card.

·         Have obtained full security clearance.

How to apply for Golden Visa UAE for Frontliners

Frontline heroes comprise medical assistants, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, and other cadres who, during crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrated extraordinary bravery. Golden Visa applications in the UAE are accepted via the GRDFA Portal. The frontline heroes, nevertheless, require authorization from the Frontline Heroes Office.

As a frontliner, initiate the application process for a golden UAE visa by conducting research and becoming acquainted with the necessary credentials and documentation.

How to check Gold Visa Status

You can proceed with ascertaining the present state of your UAE Golden Visa application by accessing the ICP website online. Here are some steps on how to determine the status of your Golden visa.

  • Navigate to the ICP’s site:
  • Enter the request number for the golden visa.
  • Suscribe with your email address.
  • After resolving the captcha, click the “Search” button.

How nam corporate can help

Due to the fact that expatriates and foreign investors applying for a UAE Golden Visa may face a number of obstacles, it is advantageous to have the services of a professional who can offer individualized UAE Visa support throughout the application process.

Our specialists are capable of providing assistance with the subsequent:

  • Minimize the number of visits you must make to the designated country 
  • Employ an individual to work exclusively on your behalf  
  • Simplify the process of assembling your application
  • Gain insider knowledge from a market veteran

In an effort to assist you in acquiring a UAE Golden Visa, we shall proceed. Contact us in order to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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