Are you interested in forming an offshore company?

Here’s what you need to consider for successful offshore company formation.

If offshore company formation is something of interest, the most critical decision is deciding what country you would like to set up your entity.

Many companies choose to move offshore because of the financial and tax benefits that this move provides, but there are some critical implications to doing so.

Most offshore jurisdictions, such as Dubai, do not allow your offshore business to operate in the local market unless upgraded to a premium product. In contrast, others such as Panama do enable offshore companies to operate in their local markets.

The next decision to make is to decide what corporate structure it should follow. You have the choice of several, including an international business corporation (IBC), offshore limited liability corporation (LLC), trust or offshore foundation.

Our skilled team of offshore company formation experts at Europe Emirates Group will guide you through the benefits and drawbacks of the over 12 offshore jurisdictions and corporate structures available to you. Our approach ensures you set up in a way that’s most advantageous for your business.