Ultimate Guide to Product Registration in Dubai

product registration in Dubai

Have you started a cosmetic product business in Dubai? Do you now want your cosmetic product registered in Dubai? Do you have any questions related to product registration in Dubai?

This article will address all your questions about the Dubai cosmetics market and registration. So let’s dive deep to get more information;

Are you a business owner looking to sell your products in Dubai because you have great products? Firstly, you have to undergo a product registration procedure.

Product registration in Dubai resembles being granted a permit to sell one’s products in the city.

The Dubai Municipality, equivalent to the city council, wants to ensure that everything you trade is safe for human interaction. That is because the existence of products and the ways they are made is the reason they have standards.

If you would like to make a deal selling cosmetics, such as makeup or skincare products, you should pay more attention. The UAE market for cosmetics is big, and people are into new beauty products.

Suppose you want to put your cosmetics there on sale. In that case, you have to file the registration forms and fill them out according to the rules of cosmetic product registration in Dubai municipality.

To register your product, you must provide data like what is in its ingredients and how they are made. Other than that, you will also have to prove that your products have been tested and are safe for use.

What is product registration in Dubai Municipality?

“Product registration in Dubai Municipality” is like getting permission for your products. It means that they can be sold in Dubai legally. To get these permissions, you must declare to Dubai Municipality what’s in your products and how you produce them.

They want to ensure that your products are tested and safe to use. When everything is okay, they give you a certificate saying your products can be sold.

Rules and regulation for Product Registration in Dubai

Product Registration in Dubai

Dubai businesses must conform to the product registration rules and regulations because it is really crucial. Through such practice, the consumers have an assurance that the products sold by the manufacturer are protected and comply with all the required standards.

Recognition and application of them would ensure the safety of customers and loyalty from customers for their goods.

  • The next step applying for this Dubai Municipality license and take product sales to the next level by retailing your products in Dubai. This simply implies that as a salesperson you have to be very close to the customer`s needs by development of well-detailed product information like the materials it is manufactured of and the processes it goes through.
  • It is essential to test the products that you manufacture, to ensure that they are completely harmless to use. By testing, you will be able to find out whether or not your product is bad and if it is the material that withstands pressure.
  • In order to tag your labels appropriately, you have to include all the brand essential features. Here, you may discover in the products some details like their items, how to use them, and when these products will expire.
  • You will, however, be required to part with funds to be allowed to register the product in Dubai. The charges may also differ depending on what these products are and whether they are physically sold.
  • Dubai Municipality has some rules and standards to comply with when registering your products. They are there to ensure that your products are safe for people to use.
  • The regulations are even more rigorous regarding cosmetics, like makeup or skincare products. This is so because cosmetics get in direct contact with people’s skin. Hence, they have to be manufactured with extra caution.

Process to get product registration in Dubai municipality

Product Registration in Dubai

To register your goods, you need to have a registered firm. However, only UAE-based businesses can apply for product registration in Dubai. The business activity must be general trading or cosmetics. These steps are needed to get approval in “The Dubai cosmetics market”;

Paperwork before application

Before setting out, ensure you have all the paperwork, such as your trade license or product details.

Local helper

If you are not operating in Dubai, you will need the services of somebody based there to help you with the registration. They will be your connection to your local authority.

Application form

Complete the registration application form and put all details of your products therein. This comprises what they’re composed of and how they are made.

Registration fee

Product registration does have fees. Ensure you make such payments when you submit your application form.

Testing product

Your products must pass the testing to verify that they meet safety standards. The Dubai Municipality will make a list of certified laboratories for testing available to you.

Product label

Labeling appropriately is critical. Your instructions should include essential details such as the ingredients, expiry dates, and how to use the product.

Submit application

When everything is set, please send the application to the Dubai Municipality. Cross-check that all documentation and information required is present.

Wait for approval

Finally, after submitting your application, you’ll be required to go through the approval process by the municipality of Dubai. It is a time-consuming action, so keep calm.

Receive certificate

Once your products have completed all the tests, you will get the certificate from the Dubai Municipality. Such a certificate allows you to sell your cosmetic products legally in Dubai.

Update Registration

Your registration is not a permanent fix. For you to continue marketing your products in Dubai, you must renew it after a given period.

To get your cosmetic products registered in Dubai is not simple but an important measure to guarantee the safety and quality of these products. By following few simple steps mentioned above and getting in touch with Dubai Municipality, you will be able to register your cosmetics for sales within the emirate.

Required documents for cosmetic product registration in Dubai:

Product Registration in Dubai

Typically, these are the documents that you would need when registering your cosmetic products in Dubai:

  1. A copy of your company’s trade license document that has been recorded.
  2. Listings about products explaining how they were manufactured.
  3. Brand-specific bug reports and issues safety data.
  4. The current reports, which are issued according to regulations from designated laboratories, indicate that your products are safe for use.
  5. Labels to have the key information on the products include ingredients, expiry dates, and usage instructions on them.
  6. In case your business is not based there, you have to take the test of getting an authorization letter from a local representative.
  7. Payment of registration fees.

Benefits of getting cosmetic product registration in Dubai:

  • Confirms that the manufactured items are to the applicable safety regulations.
  • Builds trust with customers.
  • Opens up opportunities to enter Dubai’s makeup market.
  • Promotes production of products of high-quality standard.
  • Enhances brand reputation.
  • Get success over unregistered and local brands.

List of products needing registration in Dubai, UAE:

  • Food items
  • Beauty products
  • Detergents products
  • Animals and pets’ food
  • Medicinal Items

Here is a list of things that restricted to the UAE.

  • Illegal drugs
  • Betel quid products
  • Vape Pens
  • Items used for betting.

Who can apply for product registration in Dubai?

Anyone who wants to sell their goods in Dubai or anywhere else within the UAE must apply for product registration. This includes merchants and online shopping site owners who offer wide ranging products such as apparel, foodstuffs, cosmetics, and electronics among other items.

Certification of products through product registration enables products sold in Dubai to pass the safety and quality standards set by the government.

Final words:

To summarize, product registration Dubai is a vital part of the marketing procedure for business firms targeting the local market. It determines that goods fulfill required safety conditions and can be used by the target group. By abiding by the regulations of the Dubai Municipality, commercial entities would be able to acquire consumer trust and have a gateway to the rapidly developing Dubai market. Product registration, not only ensure legal compliance to maintain a high level of quality it also increase the brand reputation. As the final step, getting the safety and good quality of products supplied in Dubai is an absolute must.

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Where can I apply for product registration in Dubai?

Dubai municipality created two platforms for product registration, one Montaji Portal

 and the other ZAD Portal. Cosmetic, health, and detergent product approval is obtained from the Montaji portal.

Is it compulsory to get registration of products in UAE?

Yes, a corporation established in the UAE with a current trade license and commercial activity that permits them to register such products is necessary to register a product with the Dubai Municipality.

How many days are required to register products?

Registering a product in Dubai takes approximately 7 to 22 working days to sell it.

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