The UAE is renowned as a highly investor-friendly destination for launching new businesses. Nevertheless, challenges like Arabic translations, complex documentation for approvals, currency transitions, and evolving regulations can be daunting.

At Nam Business Solutions, we’re dedicated to simplifying our clients’ lives by saving them time and money. We offer a wide range of corporate services to facilitate your business journey:

  • Trade Name Approval
  • VIP Medical Test and Emirates ID
  • Visa Amendments
  • Legal Translation
  • Certificate Attestation
  • Labor Card and Immigration Card Renewal
  • License Cancellation, Liquidation, Renewal, Modification, and Freezing
  • Court Agreements and Notary Services
  • Civil Defense Paperwork
  • Municipality Paperwork
  • Immigration Paperwork
  • Ministry of Labor
  • Department of Economic Development
  • General Department for Residency and Foreign Affairs

Our goal is to provide comprehensive support, ensuring your business operations in the UAE run smoothly. We will provide you with public relations officer PRO services to guide you on each step.