Step-by-Step Guide to Start an IT Company in Dubai

Step by step Guide. How to start an IT company in Dubai?

In the last few years, the IT industry has reached a point where it has become an important part of our lives. These organizations influence how we communicate, travel, shop, or do jobs. The importance of IT is boosting in modern life. Current technology-related innovations have created a lot of convenience and efficiency. Many people in Dubai are moving towards business to start an IT company in Dubai.

Setting up an IT organization in Dubai seems like a piece of cake! However, it needs planning and patience. After you decide which kind of company you want to start, you begin preparations for your research.

Dubai is a rapidly developing city with an innovative vision and strong business tradition. Businessmen have founded Dubai as a heaven to start their business in this extremely competitive marketplace.

Start an IT company in Dubai? You are at the right place.

Dubai’s modification into the “Silicon Valley” of the Middle East is operated by both main companies and flourishing societies of smaller trades specializing in traditional software development. Dubai’s friendly atmosphere provides a perfect launching platform for IT organizations.

The city provides a 0% tax rate on private and business earnings, making it an engaging place for technology-related businessmen. But if you are worried about how to start, our blog will direct you to the complete procedure of beginning an IT company in Dubai.

Start an IT Company in Dubai

How Can You Start IT Company in Dubai?

Beginning an IT organization in Dubai is simple and fast, particularly with the support of a skillful custom union authority or organization setup agent.

Starting an IT company in Dubai is a simple and easy task. This procedure is easy and fast if you are aware of the procedure and prepared with the required documents for applying for an IT organization license.

The following are the steps to start an IT company in Dubai. Explore them to enhance your vision.

Conduct a Market Research:

You must conduct market research, which will help you to recognize the demand for the software you provide. This will be helpful for you in understanding the necessities of your clients and make sure that they demand for your goods and services.

Finalize your business structure. You may ask a lawyer to assist you to select the best business name for your organization.

Register Your Firm

Select the appropriate correct business name for registering your IT firm with specific authority. The Department of Economic Development (DED) is a feasible authority firm registration. You must give full information related to your trade, like its name, type, and location.

Get a license

You will receive a license from the Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA) or the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA), depending on the software you are providing.

Get necessary permits and visas

Acquire any type of required permit and visa for your workers, like a working visa, residency business visa, etc.

Set up your office

Select a feasible place for your office and set your infrastructure like computers, software, and telecommunication systems.

Hire Staff

Hire staff like software developers, helping staff and designers according to your requirements.

Establish Your Brand

Establish your firm’s brand and develop a marketing strategy for promoting your software goods or services.

Launch your software or IT products:

Launch your software or IT goods or services and begin producing profit.

It is vital to notice that the procedure to start an IT company in Dubai may differ depending on your particular trade and situation. It is advised to search for expert suggestions from popular local trade consultants or one of the greatest business service providers within Dubai, like Nam Corporate, to make sure that you are following the process of UAE laws.  

Benefits of Having IT Company

Benefits of Opening an IT Company in Dubai

Are you a businessman searching to start an IT company in Dubai? Explore the following important benefits you can get by opening an IT firm in the UAE.

Business Friendly Environment

IT companies can operate and develop trouble-freely in  Dubai as it provides a safe, secure, and business-friendly atmosphere with a well-developed and valid framework, less corruption, and an open-hearted attitude towards international investment.

Talented People

There are several skillful and educated experts in Dubai. They have necessary skill sets like user interface, programming, etc. This makes searching skills easier that is required for developing your trade.

Tax-Friendly Environment

Dubai has a tax-friendly atmosphere. There is a 0% tax in Dubai for businesses, so IT firms can significantly benefit by removing their tax.

Great Infrastructure

Dubai has very well-developed infrastructure like modern airports, internet with high speed, etc. This modern infrastructure support IT firms to function and reach their customer with ease.

Growing Market

The IT industry of Dubai is developing speedily. There is a high demand for IT solutions in several industries like finance, healthcare, and many more.

Providing Networking Opportunities

Dubai has several financiers, entrepreneurs, and software developers. They give IT firms networking opportunities that can assist them in growing their trades.

The all above-mentioned benefits you could enjoy after starting an IT company in Dubai

Software License Cost

IT Firm License in Dubai

The software license is a crucial step in starting a successful business in Dubai. The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the main authority that issues licenses for IT firms in Dubai. If you want a license, you need to submit several documents like a business plan, evidence of address, etc. You will get some extra permits and licenses like commercial licenses and work permits.

Cost of Software Company License

If we discuss the cost of start an IT company in Dubai, there is no certain figure. The IT organization license price differs depending on the kind of license and the organization’s size. Generally, the cost of IT companies ranges from AED 5500 to AED 21185.


Nam Corporate provides endured counsel to businesses establishing in Dubai and commercial assistance following successful establishment. We are here to assist you and would be delighted to take on the duty of establishing your IT firm in Dubai while keeping you at ease.

This was all about how to start an IT company in Dubai. Hopefully, you have liked the article. Thanks for reading and giving you precious time.


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