UAE Golden Visa for US Citizens: Benefits, Process, Cost – 2024

UAE visa for US citizens

This blog will give you valuable information regarding the UAE Golden visa for US citizens. With UAE Golden Visa, you can live, work, and study in the UAE , and this visa allows you to reside in the UAE for 5 to 10 years.

So why this Residency Program is designed?

This Residency Program was intended to attract highly skilled individuals such as investors, entrepreneurs, businessmen, researchers, and professionals. With a golden visa UAE, you feel relaxed and get rid of the trouble of renewing your visa for every few months.

You also get the freedom to travel outside the UAE without worrying about your visa.

The cheapest investment you can make to get Golden Visa to the UAE Spend at least AED 2 million (about $545,000) on Dubai property. This is far lower than the old minimum of $136,000 for a business start-up.

So, what are the extra benefits?

Extra incentives for UAE visa for US citizens include freehold ownership and off-plan properties (still under construction) qualify as well, and you do not need to stay in the UAE for a minimum time period, unlike many other residency programs.

Why Choose the UAE over America?

Compared to the US, the UAE offers a unique proposition:

  • Property prices are 70% lower.
  • The Overall cost of living is 50% lower.
  • Moreover, Enjoy tax optimization with minimal personal and corporate tax.
  • If we talk about Safety and Security: a low crime rate and a stable political environment give investors extra confidence.

Regarding Professional Opportunities: The UAE is a thriving hub for businesses, knowing the process of obtaining a UAE visa for US citizens can enhance excellent career prospects. . Moreover, the standard of living is also top-notch: amazing social facilities, making it a great place to live.

What Is a UAE Golden Visa?

UAE visa for US citizens

The UAE Golden visa provides long-term Residency to investors and talented- skilled individuals who aspire to live, work and/or study in the country.

The UAE Golden Visa program grants long-term residence visas (of either 5 or 10 years) to foreigners, which permits them to live, work and study in the UAE.

So, the most important thing about this program (who qualifies for the Golden Visa UAE)

Foreigners belonging to different backgrounds are eligible to apply to the program, including:

  • scientists as well as researchers,
  • students at top universities;
  • athletes and sports professionals;
  • inventors;
  • entrepreneurs;
  • owners of start-ups;

and recipients of the Exceptional Talent Award granted to persons who made eminent contributions to the UAE during the global pandemic especially nurses, medical assistants, lab technicians and pharmacologists.

Further, there are two main ways to qualify for the Golden Visa:

Investment Path 1st: Invest a minimum of $545,000 for a 10-year visa.

Investment path 2nd: The minimum investment must be $136,000 in an approved economic project for 5 years.

The application procedure is simple; the candidates should meet the visa requirements, have to undergo medical checkup, and it generally takes about three months.

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How to apply for a  Golden Visa Dubai from USA- (UAE visa for US citizens)

UAE visa for US citizens

If you are a US citizen, there exist different ways to qualify for a Dubai Golden Visa:

Investment: This is the most common one. You need to invest a substantial investment fund approved by the government under the value of AED 2 million or in a business in Dubai, with a minimum capital of AED 2 million.

Another point which needs to be addressed that is annual tax obligation, investor must pay AED 250,000 in taxes to the UAE government.

Other prestigious categories:  Entrepreneurs, students possessing high scholarly qualifications, and certain professions that are in demand – the requirements for these categories also have a minimum salary (AED 30,000 monthly) and minimum educational qualification (generally a Bachelor’s degree).

Here’s a general process of how to apply:

  • Check Your Eligibility:  Go to the UAE government’s website, or speak to an immigration advisor to inquire whether you qualify for a Golden Visa under any of the aforementioned categories.
  • You’ll have to make copies of your passport, educational certificates, evidence of investments or employment, medical certificates, and other documents depending on your category.
  • Approval and Collection: Once approved, you can collect your Golden Visa UAE.

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UAE Golden Visa Requirements

UAE visa for US citizens
  • The requirements of the UAE Golden Visa depend on Different residency types including investors, talent, entrepreneurs and so on.
  • Investors should have a minimum investment of AED 10 million to qualify for the Golden visa UAE.
  • Entrepreneurs should show experience in successful business or evidence of a skill that would directly contribute to existing businesses, and they must hold AED 500,000 in investment capital. This is with respect to ensuring compliance with UAE visa for US citizens. If you want to invest, you can check a step-by-step guide on how to setup your business in UAE.
  • Talented people must have proven record in the working area, appropriate degree and diplomas and recommendations or reference letters from renowned international organizations.
  • In addition to investors, high-skilled professionals, extraordinary talents and executives are among those eligible for the Golden Visa.
  • Applicants need to undergo background checks and satisfy several ‘general requirements’, such as a valid passport, no criminal record, and so on.
  • However, the requirements can be subject to change over time, given that the Golden Visa initiative is meant to attract talents that are able to add value to the economic development of the country.
  • The rules and regulations of Golden Visas are designed to approach such applicants who are highly qualified. this will bring value and adding to the UAE, setting an example for other countries in the region to innovate and welcome diversity in different areas.

Cost of Golden Visa Dubai for Americans

UAE visa for US citizens

Based on the specific qualification option you choose to qualify, the cost of a Golden Visa for Americans in Dubai can vary hugely and is comprised of three main components.

An application fee for a Golden Visa: AED 2,657 AED (Dollar Parity $725 USD) is the fee for the Golden Visa application itself.

Additional Fees for Dubai Visa: There are numerous supplementary fees collected for the UAE visa for US citizens, including

  • the Emirates ID (AED 1,153 or $315),
  • medical examination fee (AED 700 or $190),
  • DLD charges (AED 4,020 or $1,100),
  • administrative charges (AED 1,155 or $315).

Required Investment: The difference occurs due to the investment required to obtain the visa. Its two possibilities are:

Real estate investment: This requires a committed investment of AED 2 million (approximately $545,000 USD) in residential property off-plan which refers to property currently under construction. Moreover, the property bought on a freehold basis, with no mortgage involved.

Public investment: With this option investor makes direct investment (AED 2 million, approximately $545,000) in an existing UAE-based company or fund.

Having said that, if we talk about the total cost, including application and extra Dubai fees. You can expect to pay in the range between AED 9,734.75 ($2,650) and AED 6,384.75 ($1,750), plus either AED 2 million for the real estate or public investment.

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10 reasons to consider for UAE Golden Visa for US citizens (UAE visa for US citizens):

UAE visa for US citizens

1.      Easy Route to Your Residence Visa:

Not only it is easy to get a residence visa for yourself, but as an investor you won’t need to search for an employer or a sponsor, as is the case with other kinds of UAE visas.  Moreover, Foreign nationals, holding a Golden Visa, granted 6 months to enter the country before Residency.

2.      A safe haven:

Investors do not often need to stay in the country long once they get their residence visa. to stay there; it’s barely enough to make the round trip there and back once or twice a year.

3.      Tax efficient.

 You don’t have to pay tax on your income, capital gains, inheritance, gifts or property as an expat in the UAE.

A company pays corporate tax at a rate of 9 percent on income over $102,000 per annum. It pays less than in many other countries. Compared to the US (21%), Australia (30%), and Canada (38%).

So, tax efficiency would be a great incentive for UAE visa for US citizens.

4.      Resident’s rights:

customers of the UAE can open an account in dollars, euros, or dirhams. and other currencies. Accounts are suitable for savings and international transfers.

Having a driving license is very easy for Americans in the United Arab of Emirates. They do not have to take an exam and they can swap their U.S license. This gives them an extra advantage or privilege to drive without delay.

In the UAE, for example, Dubai has a discount programme for its foreigners known as the Esaad Privilege Card. It offers countless benefits to its cardholders. For instance, exclusive offers, bonuses and discounts of up to 70 per cent in shops, clinics, service companies and other establishments in the UAE and abroad.

5.      Low crime rate:

The UAE has been one of the world’s safest countries since at least 2011 (according to Global Terrorism Index). It is safe for women, children and the elderly to be moving around all the time of the day in the UAE [US Department of State Travel Advisory].

 In the Safe Cities Index (SCI), which measures the livability of the world’s most secure cities, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are both featured on the list.

Further, cameras are everywhere in the town and criminal justice laws have been codified by the government. Low crime rate would attract businesses all over the world ultimately enhancing accessibility of UAE visa for US citizens.

6.      Professional prospects:

The UAE’s job market is changing constantly due to the increasing economy as well as innovations. Demand for skilled employees is rising in multiple industries of UAE. The unemployment rate in UAE has been reported as 3,23% in 2023.

The most in-demand jobs in the country are:

  • data scientists and analysts;
  • tech jobs specialists
  • artificial intelligence and machine learning specialists;
  • digital marketing and cybersecurity experts;
  • Blockchain development
  • healthcare professionals;
  • Business and management professionals:
  • e-commerce specialists;
  • project managers;
  • supply chain and logistic managers.

7.      Competitive economy:

The UAE is among the most competitive and advanced economies globally. Major strengths include human capital and strategic geographic location connecting with the world such as the Indo-Pacific region and Africa.

Having said that, UAE is ranked as the third most competitive and most advanced economy in the world. Among them are an increase in oil prices and production and the non-oil sector, which makes 70 percent of other GDP.

The government provides a protective environment for investors and guarantees business stability and investment prospects. Moreover, in Kearney’s Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index, it stands 15th. These indicators shows the competitiveness of UAE economy.

8.      No Language/communication barrier:

As the UAE has significant number of expatriates, speakers of English are common. Emirati nationals form only 11 per cent of the population, while compared to 89% expatriates/foreigners

English Languages taught in schools, and widely spoken throughout the UAE.

9.      Warm climate and cultural diversity:

the UAE has a desert climate with blue skies and sunshine 24/7, it’s a rich culture country. enjoying eight to eleven hours of sunlight each day, and with sea that’s warm enough to swim during the year.

As demonstrated by the extensive presence of expatriates, the UAE turns a multicultural, globalized nation to the outside world. However, it’s still maintaining real village/ community feel. The state took initiative to make the people happy: featuring a Happiness Minister, happiness officers and hosting special happiness summits.

It also offers a welcoming environment for Americans by streamlining UAE visa for US citizens.

10.  Freedom of religious belief

Islam is the country’s religion and the country ensures freedom of worship as long as it does not conflict with the real values of Islam. Moreover, Foreigners are permitted to build universities, colleges and other educational institutions; Muslims, Christians and Parsis are free to build their churches and temples.

In UAE, all people are equal before the law and no discrimination shall be made on the basis of religion.

Best places for Americans to live in the UAE

1.      Abu Dhabi – the nation’s capital! Here’s why you should consider it:

UAE visa for US citizens

Economic Powerhouse: Abu Dhabi boasts the UAE’s largest economy, attracting a diverse expat community.

Thriving and energetic Expat Scene: Feel at home in Emirati culture with fellow expats through social squads, sports groups, and gatherings.

Adventure lovers: the desert safari experience awaits you: BBQ, camel rides on sand dunes, and sandboarding. Try to camp in the Liwa desert area for a more adventurous activity under the stars.

Factors to Consider:   It would be nice to be prepared to adapt to local ways. This tends to take time, so cultural immersion and access to a warm expat community and knowledge about acquiring a UAE visa for US citizenscan make your living experience much smoother.

2.      Dubai: Where Tradition Meets Modernity

UAE visa for US citizens

Dubai looks like nowhere else: its skyline, its Burj Khalifa, its shopping malls. But heritage bubbles below the surface.

Along Dubai Creek, traditional wooden abras glide alongside sleek modern motorboats, the blue of Jumeirah Beach cobalt’s against the curved glory of the man-made Palm Islands.

You must be open-minded – Dubai is perhaps the most liberal of the emirates – one of the most liberal cities in the Gulf and a place that is pretty tolerant of different cultures.

While Islam is the official religion. you can take bottles of beer or wine into a hotel room or restaurant and buy alcohol at licensed outlets in the larger hotels), or graze on food during the hours of daylight during Ramadan.

3.      Sharjah: Where Heritage Meets Culture:                                                                                  

UAE visa for US citizens

It is located just half an hour away from the metropolitan hub of Dubai. It is a haven for aspiring ‘expats’, you enjoy by the affordability and traditional way of life.

All the latest heritage museums and contemporary art galleries are welcoming you here. The city’s green landmass overlooks the shores of Arabian Gulf, and desert inland views on the other side.

It offers natural beauty withs pots such as a mangrove forest center, a sea promenade for beach walkers, and a palm-tree grove with a center for birds of prey.

4.      Ras al-Khaimah: Mountains to Mangroves – Adventure Awaits

UAE visa for US citizens

An emirate with featuring 39 miles of beach coastline, and has the longest zipline in the world at Jebel Jais – the UAE’s tallest peak.

It is quieter than Dubai, but Dubai is just a stone’s throw away, and residents can drive there for respite for recreation as well as for business.

There is an enduring history and culture in Ras al-Khaimah, which boasts attractions such as the Dhayah Fort, the National Museum as well as the Hajar Mountains. This would be a amazing opportunity for Americans exploring pathways for obtaining UAE visa for US citizens.

5.      Ajman: Emirati Charm with a Modern Touch

The smallest emirate out of the Seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates. It is the perfect place for any big family to settle down in the quiet neighborhood since you can easily rent a big villa given the affordable price-tag and peace for everybody’s mind.

The emirate lacks the noise and movement associated with streets. You won’t find many cars in the streets, no traffic symbols except one, and no long queues anywhere.

Amusements nearby are the Al Jarf Public Garden, Al Hamidiya Public Park, and similar natural parks spread all over the emirate, in addition to play areas for youngsters where you can find swings, slides, sports courts and barbeque facilities.

The most delightful activity in Ajman is walking along the seashore to have a panoramic view of the warm breeze, or strolling at the grounds of Ajman Corniche Hotel to have your lunch tables in one of the restaurants scattered on its sides.


1.      Can I live and work in Dubai with Golden Visa?

Actually, with Golden Visa residence and work permit, you can live and work in Dubai. One of the main privileges of Golden Visa is being able to live and work in the UAE as per grant term of the visa which is either for five or ten years, whichever applies to your category of visa.

Another is that you don’t need a local sponsor to work, making your employment search more flexible. Further, check that the UAE government’s official portal site that you must search for further instructions and information on present requirements and process of applying.

2.    Do US citizens need visa for Dubai?

Not really, US citizens don’t require a visa to visit Dubai for less than 30 days, and you’ll get a free visa upon arrival.

Top requirements for US citizens entering Dubai include:

  • A valid passport with no less than 6 months validity from the intended date of arrival.
  • A confirmed return ticket.
  • Sufficient funds for your stay.

For stays of 30 days or less, visas are not required. Although, for stays of more than 30 days, you need a visa in advance. For more details, visit the website of the UAE government [UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs].

3.    what is Dubai visa for US green card holders?

While US Green card holders can get a visa upon arrival in Dubai, there are some caveats. Here’s a brief rundown:

Eligibility: You will be eligible for a visa on arrival if your green card is valid for a minimum of six months from the date of your arrival in Dubai.

Visa type: This is a short-stay visa- good for 14 days and it can be extended for another 14 days at an additional fee/cost.

Validity: Ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from your arrival date.

There are categories of visa for longer periods of stay or multiple entries. Info about those and other visas types can be found on the UAE government website.

4.    What are high-paying jobs in Dubai for American citizens?

Executive Positions: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Marketing Officer – Top-level management in larger companies earn the highest salaries, starting at 300,000 AED (around $81,000) and rising as high as 1,500,000 AED (around $408,000) a year.

Medical Specialists, Surgeons, Neurologist Dubai overall is trending towards an employment model that equates to an Immigration Based (IB) system. And salaries are also quite substantial.

Oil & Gas Industry: Petroleum Engineers:

Dubai’s oil and gas economy is the backbone of their society and well-being. Petroleum engineers with experience are in high demand and command higher salaries.

Moreover Marketing & Sales and IT sector also need high skilled people.

5.    Can I apply for a UAE visa in advance as a US citizen?

It’s OK to get a visa on arrival, or can you get an UAE visa in advance? Although a VOA (visa-on-arrival) is available if you would like to stay in the UAE for less than 30 days, if you plan on a longer stay, it’s best to apply in advance. You would want to get a UAE visa in advance if you plan on a different visa type than the VOA – for example, a work visa or a residence visa.

6.    Can I finance the property purchase to qualify for the Golden Visa?

 No, you must actually purchase the property in full on your own personal money in order to qualify for the Golden Visa programme. No mortgages or bank loans are allowed.

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