How to establish entertainment and media companies in Dubai?

media companies in Dubai

Dubai is widely recognized as an international center for trade and business worldwide. It is also home to Dubai Media City, an area where creative people can showcase their abilities. Dubai Global Media Hub offers a cooperative atmosphere for media and entertainment companies to interact and cooperate. There are many media companies in Dubai working and earning good fame.

Are you wishing to begin media companies in Dubai? Looking to set up your Dubai entertainment company that brings in good money? Dubai is the playground of all things media and entertainment.

It’s a city where grand openings take place every single day. Media companies join forces to make movies, TV shows and music for the masses all to make people smile, all around the world.

The media and entertainment movement in Dubai is moving at the speed of light. The films, music, and events of numerous media companies in Dubai attract lots of attention overseas.

It does not matter if you enjoy watching movies, listening to music, or going to fun events; Dubai has something unique for you in a theater of media and entertainment. So stay tuned because, in this blog, we will give you all the information about entertainment and media companies in Dubai.

Why Dubai is called a Media City?

media companies in Dubai

Dubai also known as Media City clearly portrays Dubai as the center of activities for different media organizations whose headquarters are located there. Specifically, the companies in these regions are engaged into programs production, movies and other things that people watch and listen to.

The huge place where all entertainment companies will come together at a single point in Dubai will be the Media City. Moreover, they do this so that their jobs can be done much faster, which is good for us all.

Media City has schools where people learn about media while others teach TV or film production. This demonstrates how well Dubai is referred to as Media City; the city of media miracles.

Why is setting up a media companies in Dubai profitable?

media companies in Dubai

Making a media company in Dubai is quite profitable because Dubai is a very large and modern city that is home to a lot of people and is visited by many more. This implies that there is a huge number of people who want to watch TV shows and films or listen to music.

When a media firm creates things that people like, they can sell them to people to make money.

Dubai, too, has become renowned as a city that is popular throughout the world. When a Dubai media company makes a product in it, it is seen by people not only in Dubai but also in other countries.

Thus, this could turn the company into a brand and let them in huge profits. Besides, the Dubai government is a supporter of these companies, and that is another reason to be successful there.

They provide structures and guidelines that media entities use to grow and be profitable. This is the same for the media companies who can do their work and make money easier.

Starting a media company in Dubai can be a profitable venture because there are so many people in Dubai and all over the world who might prefer what the company offers. Moreover, the Dubai government assists media companies to be successful.

Three zones to start media companies in Dubai:

In Dubai, you can set up your media company in one of three zones:

Media City:

Dubai Media City, the largest media hub in the area, houses more than 2,500 press agencies and over 25.000 working and investing people.

Such news outlets as BBC, CNN, and Thomson Reuters are situated within this media zone.

Dubai Production:

Dubai Production City is the best place for companies that specialize in media production, printing, publishing and packaging. It has over 220 firms accommodating about 6.800 professionals.

Dubai Studio:

Dubai Studio City hosts around two hundred twenty businesses, two thousand five hundred employees and is one of the most active business communities in the region.

How to start or set up a media companies in Dubai?

Establishing a media company in Dubai or UAE is amazing, but some procedures need to be followed. The procedure is given below to start Dubai Entertainment Company.

Decide on your business idea:

Firstly, know the which kind  of Media Company that you would like to own. Are you a film maker, TV producer or a musician? This will assist in preparing business plan.

Choose a name:

Pick a cool name for your business. Verify it is not taken by other firms.

Register your company:

You have to register your company with the government. This involves filling out some forms and paying a fee.

Get a license:

You must have a permit to run a media firm. Be careful because licenses come in different types, so ensure that yours is appropriate.

Find a location:

To start a media company, it is crucial to find your business’s location. Media enterprises can operate with minimum hindrances in free zones situated in Dubai as well as the United Arab Emirates.


If you need it, recruit others to help you run the company. They need to be savvy and have the skills that you are looking for.

Set up your office:

Purchase anything that will go into your office, including equipment, computers, and other furnishings.

Advertise your company:

You should spread the word about your media company through social media and advertising. This will attract a number of new clients.

Obey rules:

In order to open a new business, you must abide by all guidelines created by Dubai’s media businesses. It shields the owner from potential rule and regulation issues.

Start Making Media:

Once you have everything in place, you may make movies, TV shows, or music! Ensure that you develop things that people will love.

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How much cost is required to start media companies in Dubai?

AED 50,000 is the minimum share capital needed to start media companies in Dubai Media City. The TV and radio broadcasting sector requires a minimum capital deposit of AED 2,500,000. The total cost is determined by the business’s size and the kind of venture you choose.

Which license is required to start a media company in Dubai?

Whatever kind of business one decides to establish in Dubai Media City, the company needs to apply for the relevant license. The following licensing categories are necessary:

  • Licenses for managing or distributing films
  • Licenses for radio or television broadcasting
  • Licenses for marketing and media services
  • Entertainment, and music license
  • Web design license
  • Publishing license
  • News bureau license
  • Distribution or management license for films

What documents are necessary to start a Dubai entertainment company?

The paperwork required setting up a media and Entertainment Company in Dubai is listed below:

  • Copy of Shareholders’ Passport 
  • Entry Stamp or Visa Page
  • Passport-Size Photo

Ultimately, it takes the authorities two days to assess everything once you submit the required documentation.

Which commercial activities are allowed in Dubai Media City?

Companies within the free zone of Dubai Media City could well set up important sectors of the economy, including many business activities. Some of these activities include:

  • It talks about movies and TV series.
  • Creating music
  • Web designing and creating digital assets
  • Advertising and marketing
  • One of these methods is publishing books and magazines.
  • Organizing events and exhibiting on the field.
  • The provision of media workshops.
  • Designing of video games and apps.
  • Producing radio programs
  • Providing services in public relations.

Final word: starting media companies in Dubai

In Dubai, come and see many things that are fun to watch and do! Dubai-based media companies produce films, TV shows, and music that find acceptance across the globe. Dubai is also popular for exciting festivals and events held by entertainment companies. Such festivities are to the liking of many and make Dubai a vibrant city to come to.

Starting a media company in Dubai is a good way to make money because the city is large and modern, and there are plenty of people who want what the media company makes. The government of Dubai also helps media companies to be successful due to the provision of rules and plans for the success of the companies. Overall, Dubai is a fantastic city for media and entertainment in which companies can prosper and for residents and tourists to enjoy.

Further, if you want a solid base of your media and entertainment business, you must adhere to all above requirements. And Nam Corporate business advisers can help you out all queries in this regard. Contact us to get answers to all your queries.


What is Dubai Media City?

Dubai Media City is an exclusive area within Dubai and has most of the media corporations. It acts as a breeding ground for these companies to be in operation and flourish.

How much does it cost, setting up Media Company in Dubai?

You must have a minimum share capital of AED 50,000 so that you can establish a media company in Dubai Media City.

Is starting a media company profitable or not in the UAE?

Yes, starting a media company in Dubai can be quite profitable as Dubai is a large, modern city where many people live and come to visit.

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