How to Get and Apply For A RERA License Dubai- 2024-25

RERA License Dubai

Dubai is an exciting town that welcomes tourists from around the globe, and its real estate industry is expanding. Nevertheless, you need a RERA license Dubai to open a real estate agency.

The organization overseeing Dubai’s real estate market is called RERA, or the Real Estate Regulatory Agency. This article discusses everything about RERA license Dubai in detail and many more.

In Dubai, one department is called the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, abbreviated RERA. They ensure people obey the rules when buying and selling real estate.

In this way, those transactions are free and fair for everyone. A RERA license is obtained so that real estate agents and companies can show the public that they know the rules and follow them.

This implies that RERA has approved these projects. It is a crucial element because it reassures people that the agency or the company is an honest and safe firm to do business with. Let’s dive deep into RERA license Dubai.

What is the RERA License in Dubai?

In Dubai, if people want to buy or sell houses or apartments, there is a third-party agency that ensures the process is ethical and secure. This agency is the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA).

RERA’s evidence is that all the rules and regulations concerning buying and selling homes should be followed correctly. Lastly, they protect people from fraud or unfair agreements.

The agents and the companies must get a RERA License if they need to prove they follow all the rules. The RERA License is a certificate of approval from RERA to the estate agent or a real estate company. It means they have mastered and stick to the guidelines when engaged with homebuyers or sellers.

What’s the significance of the RERA License Dubai?

RERA License Dubai

A RERA License is significant because it proves that a real estate agent or business is dependable and safe to cooperate with. It simply assures people they are not being misled when buying or selling a house.

A RERA Certificate Dubai verifies that an individual has completed training and testing to make sure they understand the regulations.It also secures buyers and sellers from the endangerment of bad experiences.

Services in Dubai that RERA manages:

In Dubai, RERA managed the following categories of real estate-related economic activities:

  • Consultancies for Real Estate
  • Rental Companies
  • Financial Consultancies,
  • Real Estate Brokerages
  • The Purchase and Sale of Real Estate Advertising and Promoting
  • Real estate of any kind in Dubai associations for real estate inspection
  • Services Owners

How can you get a RERA license Dubai?

RERA License Dubai

The RERA License is a kind of special permit that the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) issues to those who, wish to become real estate agents and ultimately help people to make a purchase or to sell real estate properties like houses and apartments.

A RERA Licence is vital because it demonstrates that the agent knows the regulations and will consider them when helping people conduct real estate business.

Education and training:

The first one is going to be the completion of all the required training and education that you should have. These things include getting familiar with the real estate market in Dubai, understanding the local rules and regulations connected to real estate and getting the necessary skills to sell real estate as an agent.

Passing the RERA exam:

Educational and skill training will follow, after which the RERA exam will be their next objective. This exam is made to measure the person who knows the real estate markets and the laws and regulations concerning Dubai real estate. Nobody can make it without studying, so preparation must be thorough and disciplined.

Applying for the license:

RERA exam takers will be able to apply for the license after their exam is over. Applicants must submit their application accompanied by supporting documents like educational certificates, training certificates, and certificates of excellence in the RERA exam.

Paying the fees:

Nevertheless, the application fee for a RERA License must be paid. The person seeking this position must pay these fees during the submission process. The costs are likely to vary on the type of permit that needs to be registered.

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Approval process:

The applicants are required to fill out application forms and deposit the RERA fee, after which their application review will be processed. A RERA permit is subject to the person having done all the necessary things with the person being qualified.


The RERA License Dubai should be up for renewal every time it expires. This means acceptance of the document renewal before the end of its validity and payment of the prescribed fee. As a rule, they are usually compelled to take additional lessons before renewing their license.

Most RERA certified individuals undertake some courses, a test, and a form filing process. Hence, real estate agents are advised to observe this process to attain credibility within the Dubai market, ultimately bringing them closer to their clients.

Benefits of a RERA License in Dubai:

RERA License Dubai

There are many benefits of the RERA license Dubai which are given below;

  • It is a certainty that acquiring a RERA License shows that you are dependable and have knowledge about the rules and regulations of real estate in Dubai.
  • It is essential to prevent buyers and sellers from defrauding or misled by unethical deals.
  • Getting a RERA License involves learning more about real estate, making you more robust in this profession.
  • The trust factor elevates among people when they feel comfortable dealing with a licensed agent under the RERA because they know that they are working with someone who complies with the rules.
  • It displays that you are a person committed to their profession in real estate.
  • A RERA License will be needed for you to work as a real estate agent in Dubai with legal regulations.
  • It will enable you to form networks with other real estate professionals and take your business to the next level.

Having a RERA License Dubai is, therefore, significant given that it builds confidence in your clients, prevents you from fraud, and serves as a symbol that shows you are the right professional in the real estate business.

What is the cost required to get an RERA license in Dubai?

The cost of an RERA license Dubai varies based on the business type and location. The RERA registration exam costs vary based on educational background. Exam fees are AED 3,200 for holders of a bachelor’s degree and AED 6,300 for those without bachelor’s degree.

In addition, AED 15,750 is required of individuals without a degree. RERA further assesses a cost of AED 5,020 for each activity.

How can one check if someone is RERA certified?

If you want to buy or sell a house in Dubai and want to ensure that the person assisting you is RERA certified, then you can ask to see their RERA Certificate. This is the document that shows that they got the license from RERA.

You can also validate if the person or company is registered on the RERA website as RERA certified. In doing so, you can assure yourself that the only person you will be dealing with is someone who knows the rules and will help you navigate safely.

RERA License is the certificate that indicates that the real estate agent or company has received approval from the Real Estate Regulatory Agency in Dubai. The most outstanding reason is that it guards against fraud, and people follow the regulations when purchasing or selling homes.

Final words:

In Dubai, a RERA License is a specialty certificate that states you are an honest and reliable real estate agent. It prevents people from being deceived, and everything stays equal during sale and purchase transactions. Possessing this license proves that you have learned much about real estate and passed a test to show you know the rules. It even makes you feel more confident and joyful while working with the clients. In Dubai, you must have an RERA license to be a real estate agent. Therefore, getting a RERA License is an intelligent option if you are interested in people finding accommodation in Dubai.

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What is RERA?

RERA is a Real Estate Regulatory Agency in Dubai. Its license shows your credibility to do any activity related to real estate.

How do you get a real estate license in Dubai?

For RERA license Dubai first, get education and training, then pass the RERA exam. After the exam, you can apply for approval with some fee; after approval, you need to renew your license annually.

How do you apply for an RERA broker card?

To receive a RERA broker card, you should possess all the necessary qualification certificates and effective examination outcomes and submit your application to the RERA system.

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