Mastering Meydan FreeZone: Your Ultimate Handbook of Success

Meydan FreeZone

Meydan FreeZone (MFZ), located in heart of Dubai, provides cost-effective solutions for establishing businesses. It encourages many investors from around the world to establish a business.

MFZ provides complete free zone incentives like ownership, tax exemption, and no currency restrictions. It also provides just a flexible desk option, which is feasible for individuals who don’t need a permanent physical workspace for their business.

Out of several domains, Meydan remains one of the chosen and extremely advantageous within the country. It was developed with the intention to help international investors and stimulate additional investment within the area.

Establishing a business in Meydan-free zone is easy, comfortable and efficient.  Additionally, budget-friendliness, distinctive characteristics and higher development opportunities make it an attractive choice for entrepreneurs.

Meydan Free Zone is believed to be the most strategic area for opening a firm due to its closeness to numerous important business hubs and access to considerable locations.

The proximity of this Free Zone to a wide range of commercial hubs makes it more engaging for investors. Additionally, it provides a budget-friendly business formation service.

For investors whose goal is to begin an organization thrive in Dubai, Meydan FreeZone presents an enticing opportunity. If you are searching to begin a business in Dubai, you are invited to join the flourishing MFZ, where you can start your business and grow easily.

With more than 2500 business activities covering several fields, industries and niche markets, it provides you with the adaptability to select from a huge variety of activities, which makes it distinctive.

A single Meydan Free Zone license enables you to be involved in numerous business activities at the same time. This implies you can perform several operations all in a single license. Now, this article will cover everything you need to know about the Meydan Free Zone.

What makes the Medyan Free Zone Unique?

Meydan FreeZone

There are several factors that make this free Zone a perfect place for conducting business. It has all the essential elements that will make your organization develop excellently without encountering any significant challenges. Some reasons that make Meydan FreeZone unique are:

  • Location: It is conveniently located with excellent air and road connections. this Free Zone is close to Dubai’s downtown and just 15 minutes’ drive from Dubai International Airport.
  • Elegance: Your business address is more vital than anything else. This Free Zone provides you with a valuable business address that is important in attracting clients.
  • Connectivity: Strategically positioned, the Free Zone is perfectly situated and ensures easy access for clients, associated members, etc., to your campus. It supports you in organizing the function, conference or meeting without facing any issues.

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Company set up cost in Meydan FreeZone

Meydan FreeZone

Meydan Free Zone cost for the formation of the company is AED 21,020, including the license cost of the initial year, company registration cost, incorporation certificate cost, and business name reservation cost.

Additionally, a desk within the Medyan free zone should be borrowed for each required visa. The annual cost of borrowing a desk is AED 6000.

The desk is shifted and can be used for four hours a week. The organization must open a file with the immigration department. On AED 520, a formation card is issued. The total initial year cost is approximately 27,540.

The yearly cost of renewing the Meydan Free Zone license cost is approximately AED 15000. With admin Desk rent and annual renewal of the formation card, the total annual cost is AED 21,500.

Why Select Meydan Free Zone?

The UAE Free Zone represents an important financial accomplishment for the country. Approximately 8% of each business, and even more organizations, select to establish a Free Zone every year.

If you are thinking of establishing your organization in the UAE Free Zone, there are 40 business hubs you can select from. Every Free Zone is distinctive and has the goal of engaging various types of businesses and businessmen.

Meydan FreeZone, launched in 2009 in Meydan Hotel in Dubai, has become a flourishing place for businessmen globally to establish exciting organizations.

Now, here are a few reasons why you should choose this Free Zone.

You will be at the centre of Dubai:-

Meydan FreeZone

This Free Zone is situated 15 minutes’ drive away from Dubai International Airport and 12 minutes’ drive away from Dubai downtown. The easy accessibility of this Free Zone ensures that you never far away from the city’s vibrant energy. This all makes it easy for you to go to the client area and for them to access your office.

The Free Zone itself is located in a famous and pleasing Meydan Hotel and offering stunning views of the Golf Course and the horse racing track. This makes it an impressive place for hosting guests, allowing you to obtain the benefit of glorious views.

You Can Join lively and outstanding Community:-

Establishing a business in the Meydan Free Zone offers you access to a distinctive community that encourages development through innovation and collaboration.

This Free Zone organizes and conducts daily networking events where you can connect with other companies from the Free Zone or outside.

These Business networking events enable you to conduct meetings with new clients, decision-makers, and potential partners.

Meydan Free Zone is located at the centre of Dubai, and you can directly access things you require to begin and grow your business. This city is home to unlimited startups, SMEs and multinationals from a huge variety of sectors and industries.

Meydan FreeZone: A digital or paperless experience

The latest businessmen don’t want to spend time filling out forms and putting them into the cabinet. That’s why this free Zone provides a completely paperless experience when establishing and conducting business.

Our smart and built-in license application kit enables you to use forms easily, which significantly decreases the time and effort in the application procedure. This platform combines features of compliance and laws for your businesses in one interface.

Meydan Free Zone has established a digital payment platform that offers easy payment choices. This implies you can immediately access and pay money for services with just one click of a button. There are no compicated and time-taken bank transfers.

Meydan Free Zone makes the whole business setup procedure simple for firms. Its goal is to provide accessibility through technology alteration and to develop a paperless experience.


The Meydan FreeZone Offers a great foundation for entrepreneurial goals. With an excellent combination of quality workspace, flawless business setup, and atmosphere that promotes victory and brings together all the things you require to start your business.

It is easy to begin your business in the Medyan Free Zone. This place offers a flawless registration procedure, good packages and assitance to ensure all particular business requirements are met.

Further, nam corporate is efficient in determining the business structure that is most effective. Our team will pay attention to all necessary paperwork and official procedures.

For further information, please visit our website or contact us at info@namcorporate.com.

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