Which is the cheapest free zone in UAE

Cheapest free zone in UAE

The UAE has become a hub for many foreign businesses, attracting many investors, travelers, families, and others. Individuals consider the UAE as a family-oriented destination. Further, several investors search with the query “Which is the cheapest free zone in UAE?” to find details on the most budget friendly free zone in the UAE.

UAE offers a few cost-effective free zones, each giving a low-cost package for investors. Businessmen can easily set up their operations in a free zone and select their desired location in the UAE.

Businessmen and international investors have shown a keen interest in developing their businesses in the UAE. Whether it is a new venture or a multinational business, everyone prefers Dubai for conducting its various business activities.

Why it shouldn’t be?

In UAE, you can enjoy a comprehensive package, including high-quality business infrastructure, exposure for startups, legal help from the UAE government, etc.

The terms luxury and opulence describe Dubai best.

Usually, many individuals don’t link the term affordable with Dubai. Entrepreneurs and modern investors can easily explore budget-friendly business atmospheres for their business thanks to the most inexpensive free zone in Dubai.

In UAE, there are 30 plus free zones, each designed for different business activities. Entrepreneurs have the right to select free zones that meet your business needs. Every free zone functions under distinctive laws and jurisdiction and defines a parameter for business activities.

Selecting the cheapest free zone in the UAE requires a clear understanding of your business needs, including location and budget.

Which is the cheapest free zone in the UAE?

The UAE is a central hub that attracts several main global and multinational players, including numerous Fortune 500 organizations, who have chosen to open their offices there. Recently, UAE has been globally in the 16 position in the Ease of Doing Business Index.

The principle for small and medium businesses and independent businessmen is the same.

But the question arises: what is the cheapest free zone in the UAE? Let’s explore.

Free zones have played an important role in shaping the UAE’s budget-friendly atmosphere. Whether you are keenly interested in discovering the utilization of free zones, identifying cost-effectiveness options, or getting a free zone license, this article is designed according to your requirements.

It is important to verify that the zone license will work according to the regulations set by free zone authorities. Whether you are an international investor or dealing with economic growth with currency regulation constraints, our offering includes solutions for the cheapest free zone.

In order to guide you to a suitable free zone for business, let’s explore the cheapest free zone in UAE and reveal the different offerings they offer.

Cheapest Free Zone in UAE

The fame of free zones among investors is increasing because of their various advantages. When selecting the cheapest Free Zone in UAE, it is important to evaluate thoroughly locations and the benefits they provide.

International Free Zone Authority (IFZA)

cheapest free zone in UAE

IFZA, situated in Dubai’s Silicon Oasis Area, establishes itself as a challenging free zone in UAE. Its comprehensive selection of minimal price organization setup packages makes it the cheapest choice for starting a business.

In this free zone, the Dubai Department of Economic Development describes the scope of permissible business activities. A single license permits 7 business activities to be performed.

Choosing to develop your business in IFZA has an outstanding advantage for reducing an organization’s capital requirement, enabling substantial savings on yearly audit costs.

Another remarkable benefit of developing your business in IFZA is having your office, warehouse, and residential areas in the same area.

Over the years, IFZA has observed a considerable increase in fame, developing as one of the main choices for the cheapest company registration in the UAE.


  • IFZA provides a variety of packages for investors to select
  • No need to submit a yearly audit report.
  • 3 years visa for owners and workers
  • Allow for having a virtual office.

Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)

cheapest free zone in UAE

Discover a world with no limits where technological growth and changes meet to reshape the future. This free zone offering jobs and residential amenities for workers has tech giants and telecommunication organizations.

As technology focuses on attraction, this free zone is a hub for various law firms, consultancy agencies, and other businesses.

Grasp the chance with success DSO’s cheapest trade license in UAE, starting your business journey with an investment below AED 15000.


  • Tax Exemptions: Corporate and Personal
  • Near to Dubai International Airport and different ports
  • Availability of 3-tier data center and edge-cutting IT infrastructure.

Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA)

cheapest free zone in UAE

As the oldest free zone in UAE, it sets the standard for cost-effective business setup developing them in UAE. Among the world’s biggest and cheapest free zones in UAE, JAFZA is the best choice for logistics, commodity trading, and shipping organizations searching for an incomparable business atmosphere in the UAE.

This free zone provides 6 types of business licenses for you to conduct your business. You can develop manufacturing, trading, development, and service-relevant business in JAFZA.


  • Close to Jebel Ali Seaport and Al Maktoum International Airport.
  • No tax and duties
  • The strongest business society in MENA

Dubai Media City (DMC)

cheapest free zone in UAE

If your goal is to start your media business, Dubai Media City is an ideal place for you. As an important media hub, it has outstanding infrastructure that facilitates the operation of business in and out of Dubai.

Additionally, the DMC jurisdiction offers the most cost-effective business license for media and innovative business organizations in the UAE. DMC is the cheapest free zone in UAE that has changed into media in no time.

Serving as the home for various enterprises and welcomes businesses such as event management, advertising, news media, and several more.


  • 100% foreign ownership
  • No custom duty
  • Visa service for 24 hours.

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Dubai Healthcare City (DHC)

DHC serves as the world’s pioneer medical-free zone. Important sectors like premier healthcare institutes, clinics, and several more dominate in describing this cheapest free zone in UAE.

DHCA (Dubai Healthcare City Authority) supervises it. Secure cost-effective healthcare business license in the UAE.

In this region, many lavish 5-star hotels, villas, and residential flats make them more attractive. Hence, the overall objective of the people working in this zone is to develop it as a worldwide frontrunner in healthcare.


  • No taxes and customs duty.
  • 100% international ownership
  • Use DHCA’s administrative support to improve the effectiveness

Sharjah Media City (SHAMS)

cheapest free zone in UAE

Sharjah Media, or SHAMS, provides business setup packages starting at 5,750 AED, making it the most budget-friendly free zone license in the UAE.

Within this package, you can get a professional media license selected from a list of 13. For any further activities, you need to pay AED1000 per activity.

As this company formation packagedoesn’t include any visa, the media license is the best option for new business people. SHAM provides the most cost-effective avenue for firm formation in the UAE for innovative small and large businesses.

Why to establish your business in a free zone?

Before deciding on a Free Zone, it is crucial that business owners have a good understanding of the offerings available. There are several benefits that attract foreigners to get the cheapest free zone license in UAE. Explore the top 5 benefits of developing a business in the Free Zone.

100% international ownership

One of the countless benefits associated with establishing your business in the free zones is 100 % foreign ownership. Here, investors have the liberty to joy 100% ownership without a local sponsor.

Tax Exemptions: Corporate and Personal

Choosing UAE for setting up your business has become more engaging because of its tax exemption policies. Securing the cheapest free zone in UAE is achievable thanks to the free zone as it guarantees you a full exemption for corporate and personal taxes.

Easy setup

Acquiring a free zone license in the UAE is a simple and user-friendly process. However, company formation steps may differ depending on the type of business activities you selected. Generally, starting your business with documentation and paperwork is enough.

Duty-Free Import and Export Privileges

The UAE jurisdiction has the freedom to exempt business owners from paying import or export duties along with no currency limitations. Flexibility in currency exchange ensures easy transactions.

Strong government support

With its outstanding infrastructure, the UAE government is extremely supportive and welcoming of new investors.

The Free Zone authorities play an important role in assisting new businesses through the procedure of acquiring a free zone license in UAE.

The cheapest company registration in UAE

Selecting the cheapest company registration in UAE gives a financially savvy strategy to businessmen to start and develop their venture in a dynamic business atmosphere.

The most cost-effective registration company provides businessmen with a financially accessible entry point, improving affordability and achievability.

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Cheapest License in UAE

The cheapest License in UAE commonly lies in the commercial trade category, which is crafted for sole proprietorship. Some free zones in the UAE have cheap business licenses that create opportunities for businessmen to enter the market.

The Dubai Economic Department (DED) provides a cheap licensing solution called an “Instant License.” This licensing solution is made to streamline the licensing procedure and decrease the cost of specific business activities.

Entrepreneurs searching for cheap licensing options can explore opportunities with the cheapest free zone in UAE,

Cheapest trade license in UAE

Sharjah Media City offers the cheapest trade license in UAE, starting with a minimal cost of AED 8050 and zero visa requirements. It is called a professional media license and enables entrepreneurs to be involved in 13 business activities.

However, you can improve your business offerings by incorporating additional business activities to license at a nominal AED 1000 per activity.

Furthermore, it is easy to secure a cost-effective trade license in the UAE from the services of Company Setup Consultants.

Discovering various free zones in the UAE opens doors for financially sound opportunities that lead to securing the cheapest business license in the UAE.


The process of setting up a company in Dubai and across UAE can be facilitated by the government policies. Nevertheless, you need some background information on free zones and license application procedures as you embark on your search for the cheapest free zone license in UAE.

If you want to get long-term profits and growth, invest your time with Nam Corporate’s reliable company formation specialists and enjoy stress-free incorporation. That was all about the cheapest free zone in UAE.

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